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Paper Coupon Books

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This is the classic GoPlaySave coupon book that you know and love, updated with the latest deals for your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite activities, restaurants, and family adventures!

Carry... Clip.. Save! It's that Simple!

Get Fantastic Offers for the following merchants and more!

2018 Charlotte Winter Special

4 books for the price of 2! Purchase 2 GoPlaySave Charlotte and get 2 FREE! Please note that the Dick's Sporting Goods and Family Dollar offers have differing expirations than the remainder of the offers.

Valid through 11/29/2018


2018 Charlotte Printed Edition

The 2018 edition of GoPlaySave is here, and your membership might be better than ever! Free shipping for the Holidays!

Valid through 11/29/2018


Mobile Subscriptions

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This is GoPlaySave for your increasingly digital world. If you have your smartphone, you have your coupons at your fingertips

Tap & Save! It's that Simple!

Get Fantastic Mobile Offers for the following merchants and more!

Additional Information About the GoPlaySave Mobile Subscription

Please note the mobile subscription will vary slighty from the printed book.

2018 Charlotte Mobile App

The 2018 mobile version of GoPlaySave is now an App! Purchase your subscription here, then download the app from either Apple or Google depending on your device.

Please note that there may be some differences between the mobile and printed versions. Exceptions to the mobile version include Dick's Sporting Goods, Family Dollar, and The Pit.

Valid through 11/29/2018


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